my very own sassy girl


Hello, just wanna share with you one treasured friend from another land. Her name is synonymous to a princess. Her name is Kang Ye Gyung or Jasmine.

Isnt she lovely?

She is from Changwon, a small town southeast of Seoul. It is designed after a military base from the yesteryears just incase the North attacks the South. It is situated beneath mountains of which only has tunnels as point of entries. And highways designed as runways.

Jasmine has been a tourist here in the Philippines wayback 2004. She studied English here also. As a middle school student, she wants to have a good grasp of the international language and she thought the Philippines is better equipped than any other nations in the world aside from the US.

Right now, she is 19 and studies in an all-girls high school. She has a sister whose into fashion designing in Seoul and you can see one of her sister’s works right up there, *pointing up. She models the creations and has tons of butterflies in her stomach.

Jasmine has been in Tuczon AZ. AZ and the Philippines share almost the same weather. Would she love to settle here? But she’s fragile. She loves snow so much to leave Korea, perhaps cherry blossoms too.

I wonder when is she coming back here. Or should I say, Id go and visit her in the near future.


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