All that your sight can reach is mine! Lahat ng natatanaw ng iyong paningin ay AKIN.

POWERFUL indeed, you da man.

The Philippines have six successful mountaineers who have scaled Mt.Everest. And based from the images, it is truly a sight to behold aside, of course, Monalisa’s smile. *music here playing Dying Inside of the 90’s

Lahat na lang ng nakita kong piktyur ng mga mountaineer eh malayo ang tingin at malalim ang iniisip o di kaya ay nakangiti at mukhang di napagod. Isama mo pa ang kanilang pagtalon sa summit at pipiktyuran sila habang airborne. Ahahaha!

Now I’m inlove with mountain hiking and mountain themselves. *kabog, kabog, kabog

Ive been invited to scale Banahaw and Maculot before but I really didnt gave it a thought. Ive tried Makiling before but it wasnt that much fun since I am still a kid. But Ive changed my mind and now, no one can stop me unless… But hey, I just want a bright sunny day up at the summit.

By November, just enough time to get myself into shape by playing hoops and preparing my things, Id be scaling Mt.Maculot in Cuenca Batangas with newfound friends.

On my list are my hiking bag, a hiking sandals at first, a bandana or any rugged cap, digital camera, first-aid kit and myself. And yes, my itinerary!

I already asked my parents permission. They first have apprehensions about it since the jungle has different inhabitants. My dad who loves to watch Nat Geo is very much a freak when it comes to little creatures especially spiders. He had me grab some mosquito-repellant lotion to bring along the hike.

A group whom Ive expressed my interest to hike with them had already invited me to their initial climb at Mt.Tayak in Laguna. I declined since Im still not in shape and still have to get myself acclimatize with the environment.

And so, on my list are:

  • Mt.Maculot
  • Mt.Batulao
  • Gulugod Baboy
  • Pico de Loro
  • Mt.Talamitam
  • Mt.Tayak

I would love to study compass measurements, how to read a map using the compass and the stars, basic hiking do’s and dont’s, trail signs, ropemanship etc.

Just from viewing other groups who have scaled these mountains, its enough to say that everythings worth it. From assembly point anywhere in Manila, at the base of the mountain and up at the summit sulit na sulit ang lahat ng weary legs. The breath-taking view, the chilly wind to greet you and the smiles on each other’s faces. Its a totally different world atop the mountain, much the same when divers explore the sea and its corals.

I just cant wait to touch the clouds and tell the others “Lahat ng natatanaw ng iyong paningin ay AKIN”.

PS: Lord I thank you for this wonderful gift. 


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