Kobe Bryant SUPERNATURAL Asian Tour September 2007 by Nike

What keeps me glued to the tv and watch Team USA dismantle opponents into pieces? Of course, Kobe Bryant.

Nike Zoom Kobe II Supernatural

The three-time NBA champion can be catch at the PSC Arena formerly known as Ultra, three in the afternoon. Tickets can be secured at Nike Park at The Fort, 12nn September 1st or log on to http://nikebasketball.com.ph/supernatural/index.php and look for Supernatural webpage and register for free to secure tickets.

Even if Kobe has this air circulating his aura, incredible at that, I like him as a competitor. It’s the confidence, the fierceness and the swagger instilled in him that puts him above everybody else since a certain Michael Jordan roamed the hardwood.

And now, lets relive all this love-him-or-hate-him relationship as he brings his act back in Manila and throughout the rest of Asia via the Kobe Bryant Supernatural Asian Tour 2007 sponsored by Nike.

It’s a five city stop tour that starts in Manila on September 5, followed by Taipei (September 6), Hong kong (September 7), Shanghai (September Eight) and Beijing (September 9 to 10).

Aside from holding a basketball clinic for kids, he will be launching Nike Zoom Kobe II Supernatural. 2:30-3:00pm sees Kobe at the Nike Park Bonifacio High Street in Taguig while 3pm onwards he will be at the PSC Ultra.

So what are you waiting for? Come on down and lets see what Kobe got for us coming from FIBA Americas Tournament.


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