iPhone alternative

When Apple started it’s demo of the fabled iPhone, everyone started to go nuts. The demand just went stratospheric. And with AT&T as the official carrier of the newest heartthrob, hackers started to release the cuffs and made iPhone available to everyone around the world. A phone for two-years and a great amount at that only with AT&T?! My foot.

And here comes an alternative.

Meizu M8 the minione

Very sexy. I wouldnt mind having one since it does have its own unique specifications.


  • ARM11 533MHZ (perhaps Samsung S3C6400) processor
  • 128MB DDR SDRAM cache (two 16 512Mb chip components 1024Mb 3 2)GSM+EDGE+WCDMA
  • WIN CE6.0 based on the Windows CE kernel FOR MEIZU M8
  • Video decoder CODEC (Possible Samsung S3C6400 built-CODEC)
  • 3.32-inch TFT VGA (720 x 480) 16 million colors Touchscreen
  • 3 megapixel camera and a .3 megapixel VGA for conferencing (Autofocus, no flash)
  • 1600mAHBattery : 1600mAH
  • Bluetooth (with GPS access) , Line Out with DMB support, Wi-Fi connectivity with wireless card
  • Plays 30fps 720 x 480 AVI, MPEG4, WMV videos and other mainstream video formats, even Real player through decoder, also video recording, and digital TV and GPS through DMB with downloadable maps
  • about 2,000 yuan ($260) for the 4GB, 2500 yuan ($324) for the 8GB and 3500 yuan ($ 453) for the 16GB


Now Im wondering when will it land on Philippine shores because its just damn too good to be true.

More news soon so chill out.


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