NBA All Star Game 2008 at the Big Easy


WOOHOO all star game na naman and sad to say i wont be able to watch it since nasa opisina ako, unless mag-SL ako **sick leave o scheduled leave??? MAMILI KA.

No one excites me more than Allen Iverson playing for the WEST team with Kobe, Melo, Timmy and Yao. Imagine the lil big man alongside the league’s greatest forward, newest dominant center and the so-called heir apparent! now that’s fantasy!

On the other hand, the EAST got Wade, Kidd, Bron, KG and manchild Howard. whew! im sweating right now just how the EAST’ frontcourt can dominate the game in the open court.

Bron dribbling down the lane, KG and Howard running the wing, no look pass, WHAM!

Stuffed by Howard! *now insert here KG’s patented Christmas-morning-look-by-a-kid.

The annual festivity wont be complete without the rookie challenge, slam dunk contest, three point shootout and skills challenge.

Rounding-up the WEST team will be two-time MVP Nash, Boozer, last year’s MVP Dirk Nowitzki, CP3 Chris Paul, Trailblazer Brandon Roy, Amare Stoudemire and newcomer David West. Byron Scott will head the WEST coaching staff.

EAST will be represented by Detroit’s trio of Chauncey Billups, RIP Hamilton and Sheed, Chris Bosh, the Wizards’ Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison, the TRUTH Paul Pierce, and sharpshooter Joe Johnson. They will be coached by Doc Rivers.

The All Star game is scheduled on February 15, 16 and 17.

Now only if I can watch while working here in the office. ***turnin green with envy here


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