Elegance as told by Michael Jordan


Main Man, the main designer and the main shoe

I really think Jordan Brand here have started a new evolution of basketball shoes for players and fans alike.

It can be seen that the shoe was made by hands. Crafter preciously for the man that embodies perfection. Within the shoe, you will find elegance and performance combined.




“The AIR JORDAN XX3 is deeply meaningful to me, as a celebration of both my life and career. The number 23 is obviously of great significance to me and the release of the XX3 is a pinnacle moment in the Brand’s history,” said Michael Jordan. “I’m honored and humbled by the AIR JORDAN franchise’s loyal following after all these years. The release of this shoe is exciting and a dream come true for me.”

Jordan’s mark can be found all over the shoes. The tongue flap as well as the back has the number 23. MJ’s initials can be found on the sides. His thumbmark (slightly modified for security reasons) on the sole *soul as well as on the toe cap.



The shoe uses Independent Podular Suspension cushioning or IPS. For support, a carbon fiber plate extends along the bottom of the sole. The stitch pattern along the sides gives support and it has excellent ankle support.

This is said to be the first shoe in the world which has the environment in mind. People behind the shoe put into perspective the environment using environment-friendly materials.

“Our goal was to make the AIR JORDAN XX3 the best basketball shoe ever, both in performance and sustainability. The handcraftsmanship and innovation built into this shoe is simply unmatched,” said Hatfield. “By infusing the ultimate in technology, setting a new trend in style and designing a shoe with the environment in mind, we hope these ingredients will cause people to say this is one of their favorite AIR JORDAN’s ever.”



The best part, TITANIUM embedded in the limited edition PREMIER.


The PREMIER edition numbers only to a thousand and not even if you’re rich enough can you grab a pair of these sneakers. There’s a draw process according to Nike executives.

Jordan Brand launched several colorways of the AIR JORDAN XX3. An exclusive limited release was launched Friday, January 25, 2008 with a suggested retail price of $230. An All-Star release was launched on Saturday, February 16, 2008 and the nationwide launch was released on Saturday, February 23, 2008 both with a suggested retail price of $185.

Tough to cop out such dough? Never be afraid for this shoe is worth more than it.

You may never know, it might be the last.


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