Oh Nike Sooo Sweet, my praises to Jose Rizal as well

Nike has released a limited edition of Nike Air Force featuring the Philippines called Air Force 1 Insideout Priority

AF1Pinas AF1Pilipinas

This Air Force 1 has been produced to celebrate the life and times of the Filipino hero, Jose Rizal.


The upper features a suede and patent leather upper and has been designed in the colourway of the Philippines national flag.


The sole is clear and it come with 3 sets of laces in total (Blue, White, Yellow).



This is Nike’s tribute to Jose Rizal, the Philippines’ national hero and pride of the Malay race.

Rumored to only be 500 pairs made! Unreleased in the US, this is one of the most talked about shoes of the year. AKA Starburst or Filipino Sun.


12 thoughts on “Oh Nike Sooo Sweet, my praises to Jose Rizal as well

  1. Bong says:

    Lucky enouh to get hold of one since im from down under (New Zealand) definitely representing everytime i wear it. yeeeahaa!!

  2. christelle says:

    do they have it on converse?? cuz i would totally buy it no matter how much it cost, showing how much i luv the Philippines! (mom said lower then $70, lol).

  3. hibachibaby says:

    Converse would definitely make a fortune out of this but they have to control production to show it’s uniqueness.

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