technicalities of war

Just read a news that South and North Korea are and still technically at war. Damn! Aren’t they fed-up with all these bickerings?

According to materials, both countries have not reached an agreement over a peace treaty. For now, it’s cease-fire.

d’oh! Any record breakers?


2 thoughts on “technicalities of war

  1. hello jolz. salamat sa pagdalaw sa site ko. actually dapat bakasyon ako sa blogging, di ko lang mapigilan mag blog gawa ng nbn zte na yan hehe. add kita sa blogroll ko ha after ko maayos yun iba ko backlog sa blog ko. WPP member ka rin diba? so pareho pala tayo ng dugo.

    sya sige at may titirahin pa uli ako hehe.

    Pax et bonum

    (babalikbalikan ko to site mo).

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