Easter should be happy… and FUNNY

Gloria is now transformed into a… POTATO

Matuwa naman kaya sila?

hasbro-mr-potato-head-spud-trooper.jpg mr-potato-head-transformers.jpg

hasbro-playskool-mr-potato-head-darth-tater.jpg spiderspud.jpg

A new potato variety of Benguet has been named after President Arroyo.

The variety, whose original planting material was sourced from the Centro Internacionale de la Papa (International Potato Center) in Lima, Peru, was named “Gloria Kamaptengan” after the root word “mapteng” which means “good” in both the Ibaloi and Pangasinan dialects.

Gloria was chosen as the name of the new potato variety in honor of Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for her commitment to the development of the agriculture industry in the country.

Selected from 55 clones from 2005-2007, Gloria Kamaptengan can produce 109.83 grams of tubers per plant, or 10-11 tons per hectare.”

Resistant to late blight, a disease that causes serious damage to potato leaves, stems and tubers in the field, Gloria Kamaptengan can produce “large, uniform and oval-shaped, light-brown and smooth-skinned tubers with dry matter content of 20-21 percent.

Gloria Kamaptengan has a high return of investment. This means that for every peso of investment, the farmer will gain fifty centavos.


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