Gadgets on SIX

Isang pabenta po ng akong butihing pinsan. For sale are cellphones, digicams, playstation 2 and PSP, Nintendo DS, iPOD. they are covered with warranty.

Nokia: 1200, 1208, 1650, 2310, 2600, 2626, 2630, 2760, 3110 (512mb), 3500,5200 (512mb), 5300 (512mb), 5310, 5610, 6070, 6120, 6300 (1gig-war), 6500 classic, 6500 slide, 7610, E51i, E61i, E65, E90, n70 (music-war), n73 (music-war), n76, n77(1gig), n81 (2gig mmc), n82, n92, n95 (war), n95i (8gig)

Sony Ericsson: k530i (512mb), k550i (512mb), k770i (war), k800i (war+512mb), k800i (512mb), k810i, k810i (war), k850i (war), p1i (war), p1i, p990i, w200, w580i, w880i, w910i, w960i

Motorola: v3i, v9, l6i, l72

Samsung: d880 (1gig+war), d880 (1gig), d900i (1gig), e250 (256mb+war), f330 (1gig+war), g600 (1gig), g800 (1gig+war), g800 (1gig), i450 (1gig+war), i550 (1gig+war), i780 (1gig+war), u600 (1gig+war), u600 (1gig), u700 (1gig+war)

Nintendo DS

Apple: iPOD Nano (4 or 8gig), iTOUCH (8 or 16gig), classic 80gig, iPHONE (8 or 16gig)

Canon: a570iS, IXUS 75, SD750, SD850iS, SD870iS, SX 100iS, S5iS

Sony: PS2, PSP Slim (4gig), DSC S730, DSC W55, T200

Payment terms: can be CASH or INSTALLMENT ***theres downpayment upon receiving the item. item is payable in SIX equal terms in a span of 3months.

***note: wala akong kickback dyan

you may leave me a message at:

YM: trey_swoosh

mobilephone: 09175287789



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