Kobe on Hyperdunk

Kobe Bryant featuring the Nike Hyperdunk.

Just recently, Nike USA just released what could be Kobe Bryant’s BEST Basketball Shoe EVER, the Hyperdunk.

“Our performance product for Beijing is some of the best work Nike has ever done,” said Nike President and CEO Mark Parker. “The Nike Hyperdunk is a prime example of our commitment to deliver extraordinary innovation and lightweight performance product to the world’s best athletes. Every gram counts in competition. Athletes need superior lightweight footwear and apparel that they can compete in with confidence and that’s exactly what we’ve created for them.”

The footwear uses lightweight technology fibers stronger than bullet proof vests and Lunarlite foam cushioning to Nike Swift performance apparel using recycled polyester.

It only weighs 13 ounce which is way lighter than average Nike shoes on the market today. “The Nike Hyperdunk is extremely lightweight, strong and responsive to give a real advantage on court,” said Kobe.

The Hyperdunk combines two new Nike innovations: Flywire technology and Lunarlite foam. Flywire redefines footwear construction, shaving off weight and adding strength, allowing athletes to be lighter on their feet and faster on the track and on the court. Lunarlite foam features a unique cell structure making it lightweight and ultra responsive as a cushioning system.

The Hyperdunk si set to be released this coming July, just in time for the Beijing 2008 Olympics. It has been used by Kobe already in their game against the Clippers.


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