She’s worth less 50cents

Whew what a vacation! I had great time rejuvenating this well-drained body. Flying soon!

Just recently, SONA commenced and before we knew it everybody was wearing long gowns tailored by well-known designers. And another lady telling that this is SONA and not supposed to be a fashion show. Who knows about her gown?

Good for that man wearing bahag. He’s proud!

Then there was this couple who boarded a battery-powered bus or coach. Such publicity nga naman.

Labandera never showed achievements worth to be noted. Sino ba yung mga babaeng welder na yun at yung iisang driver na nagsabing gumanda buhay nya dahil kay Labandera?

May sinabi ba sya about health measures aimed at controlling the population? How about the our nation’s state of education? Eh ang farmers natin? Food dependency pa rin ba ang target natin after her term?

What irritates me most is how Labandera bought the masses with a 50centavo rate for every message sent? Suhol!


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