Marine One on all-female crew

marine-one-south-lawn-2001 From CNN Correspondent Dan Lothian

WASHINGTON (CNN) – The woman that shattered Marine One’s glass rotors, got a special honor on the last day of her rotation as pilot: an all female crew.

Major Jennifer Grieves is the first Marine One female pilot. Her achievement was marked as she landed on the South Lawn of the White House to pick up the President.

The White House press office says Major Grieves, who was designated a “Marine One” pilot in May 2008, has also flown former President Bush.

The two helicopters that always accompany Marine One appeared to fly a special formation on arrival.

President Obama, who is on his way to New Jersey and then on to New York to address the NAACP, saluted crew chief Sergeant Rachel Sherman, then boarded Marine One, where he briefly chatted with Major Grieves and shook her hand.

Co-pilot Major Jennifer Marino was the third member of the all-female crew.

Marine One pilots routinely rotate in and out of the squadron.


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