Baking with Blake

Ferocious. A cup of brewing destruction awaits at the paint. If Lebron is a freight train running smack into dear you, then Blake is… I don’t know.

Seriously, that’s how incomparable is Blake as of this moment.

Entering the turn of the decade, he broke his kneecap thereby relegating him for the entire season. I wonder whether that knee gave in due to his powers.

But come next season, he dominated the game down low with spins and pump fake. He was duly awarded NBA Rookie of the Year honors and first rookie to play in the All Star game after Yao Ming. And now, he’s just averaging 22 something and 10+ apples plucked from the tree. Notwithstanding the 217 dunks for his debut season.

And just a testament to this next superstar forward from the LA neighborhood’s prowess, watch this clip (the talk of the town, but Kendrick Perkins ain’t moving).

Sorry guys, he won’t be defending the dunk title in Orlando.


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