Humbled by Mt.Apo

I woke-up into a new world. There’s peace all over. Though I want to savor everything in between, I need to get up and chase my dream. Continue reading


Da Push to Mt.Apo

We woke up at the cool situation we were in. It’s just like the day I attempted Visayas’ highest peak, Mt.Kanlaon with Joseph, Edwin and Johnny.

“It’s only 4:30am,” Alvin muttered.

As dawn broke, the Philippine national anthem played in their community plaza.

Their plaza is just infront of their house of worship which is adorned by flags of different countries. It’s very much like United Nations. Well, that’s what they are trying to convey here. Every nation should be united. No divisions should exist between humans of different race and color. For we are one with the Lord.

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Damu di gwapa sa Bacolod! The Mt.Kanlaon YearEnd Climb Part 2

Blowing winds from the sea, much like that of Cat1, slams across our faces. The continuous 30minute trek uphill made it much more difficult. I almost stumbled to my right.
You could tell from our faces how thin the air is from up above. We’re gasping everytime we stop. We’re that high from our campsite (dotted white just at the treeline). And that’s the mystique Margaja Valley, an old crater as told by the locals. That’s where I dreamt of spending the night. I’d say “no, thank you” the next time.

Damu di gwapa sa Bacolod! The Mt.Kanlaon YearEnd Climb Part 1

It was never my intention to fall inlove with you but my heart did. And just like with Bacolod lasses, it’s a no-brainer to fall for Mt.Kanlaon.
An active volcano, Mt.Kanlaon stands 2485metres above sea level and is the highest in Visayaz (27th in the Philippines). It is located among sugarcane fields in the heart of Negros bordering La Carlota, Murcia, and Canlaon City. Continue reading