1,234 letters

It’s not about “me” loving “you.” Don’t think of it that way.

This essay is one of the 1,234 letters that I have written for you. I do not know when, where or even how I will give it to you. I just wrote it addressed to you in advance hoping that you, my future partner, would admire my love for you.

It’s a cycle, a cliché scene in my mind wherein the boy-meets-girl setting ends up not-so-happily-ever-after. It’s common for you because you’ve experienced it time and time again. Kinda sucks, right?

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Dear China

Dear China,

We all know you preserved your great culture. Its great and we love to acknowledge your presence in Filipino lives since the early times.

You have such massive landmass with the Great Wall erected. You span well over the length of this Earth and you can fill it up with a billion people, that’s incredible! And still have room for more.

Your economy is magnificent. I see your citizen so industrious.

But I wish you stay within your limits. Please refrain from using any force in trying to claim what’s from your neighbours. Lets settle this matter legally.

This is the Philippines and we’re the land of great warriors. We’re part of the great Malay race. We ‘re not afraid to mix it up with any invaders. We’re lovers of freedom and we respect everyone in this home called Earth.

Home sweet home

center The PBA will hold it’s current Fiesta Conference championship series between Brgy.Ginebra Kings and the San Miguel Beermen on Monday July 13, 2009.

The problem? UAAP (or was it Araneta itself who wants more money?) has taken the said date for its games.

Another problem? The PBA still has to break it’s plan of having their own home. Something like a 25,000-seater arena with state-of-the-art sound system and LED scoreboards.

This can clearly give PBA more money to save plus earn some when offseason begins.

A legacy left… Sisig hopefully to live forever.

Lucia Cunanan or easily known as Aling Lucing of the world’s famous Pampanga cuisine called Sisig wrote off at 80. She was killed.

The 80 year-old culinary expert who created the beer-matching dish was stabbed at her room Tuesday morning and was ransacked by the killer, getting her jewelries.

On of my mission in this world was to travel different places at TIKMAN ang SARAP… ng pagkain na gawa ng iba’t ibang kultura.

Sana di magbago ang timpla at lasa ng sisig ni Aling Lucing.

Peace y’all!