The Puke-Puke Breakaway Group

I’ve never ventured beyond Baguio City. Ever! So I grabbed the chance when my balikbayan uncle asked if we could keep him company over the weekend. And so did I.


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Da Push to Mt.Apo

We woke up at the cool situation we were in. It’s just like the day I attempted Visayas’ highest peak, Mt.Kanlaon with Joseph, Edwin and Johnny.

“It’s only 4:30am,” Alvin muttered.

As dawn broke, the Philippine national anthem played in their community plaza.

Their plaza is just infront of their house of worship which is adorned by flags of different countries. It’s very much like United Nations. Well, that’s what they are trying to convey here. Every nation should be united. No divisions should exist between humans of different race and color. For we are one with the Lord.

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Dear China

Dear China,

We all know you preserved your great culture. Its great and we love to acknowledge your presence in Filipino lives since the early times.

You have such massive landmass with the Great Wall erected. You span well over the length of this Earth and you can fill it up with a billion people, that’s incredible! And still have room for more.

Your economy is magnificent. I see your citizen so industrious.

But I wish you stay within your limits. Please refrain from using any force in trying to claim what’s from your neighbours. Lets settle this matter legally.

This is the Philippines and we’re the land of great warriors. We’re part of the great Malay race. We ‘re not afraid to mix it up with any invaders. We’re lovers of freedom and we respect everyone in this home called Earth.