I am blessed. To be living on three full meals every single day.

I am blessed. To be sleeping for six to seven hours even in the midst of the tropical sun under protective roofing and sturdy walls.

I am blessed. To be with a very supportive family. Including my two lovely dogs.

I am blessed. Simply because I am breathing right now.


Weeks ago, eastern and central Visayas were overwhelmed with probably the worst typhoon recorded in history, typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda in Philippine atmospheric organization). She carried out strong 250+ kph winds and storm surge as high as two-story buildings. Footages shown all over the web how winds would snap coconut trees and peel off roofing of just about any structures in its path.

Soon enough, the nightmare showed its real face.

Dead bodies along the way, flattened houses, uprooted trees. Devastation.

This is something unheard of even with this country facing 20 to 22 typhoon on average per year.

My heart is still bleeding. I badly want to help in more ways than one. I still don’t feel fulfilled with what I have achieved in the past weeks.

But for now I must pray and continue to strive.