The Long and Winding Joke: Tapulao Crunch

Three years in the making. Several invitations. Finally, it’s about to conquer me. I am about to surrender to its beauty, mystery, magnificence and harsh conditions. 



Will I succumb to defeat? Will I give in to pressure? Will I lose this battle against myself? Will my knees tremble like in the name of love?

This is the outdoors Julius. Leave love for the meantime. XD

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Da Push to Mt.Apo

We woke up at the cool situation we were in. It’s just like the day I attempted Visayas’ highest peak, Mt.Kanlaon with Joseph, Edwin and Johnny.

“It’s only 4:30am,” Alvin muttered.

As dawn broke, the Philippine national anthem played in their community plaza.

Their plaza is just infront of their house of worship which is adorned by flags of different countries. It’s very much like United Nations. Well, that’s what they are trying to convey here. Every nation should be united. No divisions should exist between humans of different race and color. For we are one with the Lord.

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That’s why…

Remember when Derrick Rose slumped during an exhibition game here in the Philippines with fellow all stars Kevin Durant and Chris Paul?

The reason why? From : 

Rose, who has repeatedly talked about how he doesn’t enjoy playing in pickup games, like many other All-Stars did over the summer, admitted that he still doesn’t feel comfortable playing in glorified exhibitions like the All-Star Game, even though he’s been selected three years in a row.


“Not at all,” he said. “You know this is not my game at all.”, Rose added.

So there you go fellas, just watch out for DRose during competitive basketball season. That is, the NBA.